IRS Tax Return Preparation Services

IRS Tax Preparation Services

Are you worried that you’re going to make a mistake on your tax returns? Are you scared you will be penalized for filing late international tax returns? Are you overwhelmed by unfiled returns from years past? If filing your taxes gives you anxiety, you don’t have to go through the process without the help of tax preparation professionals. You can always call John Sterbick, an expert IRS tax attorney,. I serve clients in Tacoma and anywhere in Washington state. I am ready to serve both individuals and business owners who are looking for IRS tax return preparation services. Whether you’ve already missed a filing deadline, or you’re trying to plan for the future, John Sterbick, an expert IRS tax attorney, can assist you. With help from an expert IRS tax preparer, I can take the stress out of the tax preparation process. Call John Sterbick, an expert IRS tax attorney, right away for a free consultation at (253) 383-0140!

Small Mistakes on Your Tax Returns can Land You in Serious Trouble With the IRS.

You could also decrease the amount of your refund, and that’s the last thing any taxpayer wants to happen. That’s why it’s best to work with income tax preparation professionals whenever tax season rolls around. I’ll make sure that everything is filed right to minimize any payment required or maximize your tax refund, all while ensuring you’re in complete IRS compliance. Failure to file your international tax return can result in stiff penalties and even the revocation of your passport, but I am here to make sure that all of your taxes are filed correctly.

John Sterbick can help you with:

  • International filing
  • Federal returns
  • Business returns
  • Amended returns
  • Back tax returns
  • And more!

If you aren’t certain what to do with your tax return, don’t take the chance of filing it incorrectly

Instead, let a tax return preparer from my team work with you to achieve an accurate return. My attention to detail and commitment to my clients’ satisfaction means that your taxes will be prepared with care. I have over 20 years of experience providing IRS tax preparation services under my belt, and that means I have what it takes to ensure that the preparation and filing process go smoothly. Even if you are suffering from years of overdue tax returns, John Sterbick can provide you with an effective resolution.

Worry-Free Tax Help

Errors on your tax returns and failure to file can both result in major consequences. Not paying your taxes can result in criminal prosecution. Having large outstanding back tax debts can result in the State Department revoking your passport. But you don’t have to live in fear of these outcomes. Call in John Sterbick for a free consultation at (253) 383-0140, and I can help eliminate these problems. From resolving back taxes to correct tax filing to securing your passport, I will put my expertise to work to provide you with the IRS tax help you need.

Free Consultation for Tax Preparation

Some taxpayers hesitate to get help with tax preparation due to the cost. Fortunately, you can avoid these financial worries and avoid stiff penalties by turning to John Sterbick for IRS tax preparation services. I am proud to offer free consultations for personal or business tax preparation services. When you come to me for assistance, you can speak to one of our firm's expert tax preparers to determine what your costs will be up front, so there will never be any confusion about what my fees are.

If you’re interested in tax preparation service, get in touch with John Sterbick today. Mine is the name to know for effective tax return preparation in the Tacoma area!