IRS Tax Problems and Tax Penalties Relief Through Bankruptcy

IRS Tax Attorney John Sterbick

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or State of Washington tax problems cannot be wished away, and do not just disappear!

It is common for people in this situation to just ignore the IRS letters they receive, and hope their IRS or State tax problems will just go away on their own. The fact is that they only worsen, and then before they know it, they are facing a wage levy, a bank levy, or a property seizure. You need professional legal expertise to obtain IRS and State tax relief. In Tacoma, and throughout the State of Washington, you need an IRS and Washington state tax lawyer who is up to the task. You need the IRS tax experts at the Law Offices of John Sterbick.

There still exists a persistent false belief that tax liabilities cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

In reality, certain tax liabilities can be discharged or paid in Bankruptcy, depending on your individual situation. Whether you have old IRS or State tax debt or not, you need help from the Law Offices of John Sterbick. Not only does John Sterbick understand that tax liabilities can be discharged under an

  • Offer In Compromise,
  • Payment Plans,
  • Uncollectible Status, or
  • Bankruptcy,

The IRS tax experts at the Law Offices of John Sterbick also have the knowledge and expertise to help you meet the necessary criteria for your particular situation. John Sterbick will resolve your tax problems with the IRS or with the State of Washington to provide a solution to your tax debt.

John Sterbick, attorney-at-law, is an IRS tax law firm with offices located in Tacoma, Washington. As an IRS tax lawyer, he helps gain relief for taxpayers in Tacoma and across the State of Washington to solve their IRS and State tax problems in a timely manner. John Sterbick will fully and fairly represent you in whatever IRS tax problem you have in order to get the IRS tax relief you need. As an experienced IRS and State of Washington tax attorney, John Sterbick offers a broad range of IRS and State of Washington tax services covering everything from:

  • IRS tax levies,
  • IRS tax wage levies,
  • IRS tax liens,
  • IRS tax innocent spouse cases,
  • IRS tax audit representation,
  • IRS back taxes,
  • IRS payroll tax problems,
  • Discharge of liens from real property, and
  • Obtaining uncollectible status

Washington state tax debt problems come from:

  • Washington State Dept. of Revenue
  • WA State Dept. of Labor and Industries
  • WA State Dept. of Employment Security

Do not compound your IRS or State tax problems by ignoring them!

John Sterbick has a long, successful track record of negotiation and settlement with the IRS and with State of Washington Revenue officers on behalf of his clients. Don’t delay, call the Law Offices of John Sterbick now at (253) 383-0140 to get on an equal footing with the IRS or the State of Washington. Contact the IRS tax experts at the Law Offices of  John Sterbick — we can protect you!