IRS Tax Help

If tax problems are weighing on you and threatening your financial security, you need tax resolution assistance from John Sterbick, an expert IRS tax attorney, right away. I’m here to provide you with a wide range of tax relief services, including help with individual IRS back taxes, business tax problems, and issues with delinquent taxpayers…

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Can I Stop An IRS Levy?

John A. Sterbick Attorney at Law

There are several avenues that a taxpayer can take to stop an IRS levy, including an IRS wage garnishment. Requesting a collection due process hearing, entering into an installment agreement, filing a request for innocent spouse relief, and proposing an offer in compromise are among your options. Not all options are available to all taxpayers, however. The experts at the Law Offices of John Sterbick are very qualified to help you choose the course of action that best suits your circumstances. Before issuing a levy, the IRS will send you notices regarding the amount of tax owed, requests for payment, and a warning of the intent to levy. It is important to keep your mailing address with the IRS current so that you receive these notices. You may also receive phone calls from IRS employees warning of possible levy action. Unlike traditional creditors, the IRS does not have to go to court before it begins levying your assets and income to collect from you.

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Stop IRS Wage Garnishments

Stop IRS Wage Garnishment

Is the IRS garnishing your wages? If your wages are being garnished because you’ve failed to pay back taxes, getting tax help right away is the best way to limit the damage to your financial situation. The longer your wages are garnished, the less you can provide for your family, and the more stress you…

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IRS Tax Return Preparation Services

IRS Tax Preparation Services

Are you worried that you’re going to make a mistake on your tax returns? Are you scared you will be penalized for filing late international tax returns? Are you overwhelmed by unfiled returns from years past? If filing your taxes gives you anxiety, you don’t have to go through the process without the help of tax preparation professionals. You can always call John Sterbick, an expert IRS tax attorney,. I serve clients in Tacoma and anywhere in Washington state. I am ready to serve both individuals and business owners who are looking for IRS tax return preparation services. Whether you’ve already missed a filing deadline, or you’re trying to plan for the future, John Sterbick, an expert IRS tax attorney, can assist you. With help from a tax preparer, I can take the stress out of the tax preparation process. Call John Sterbick, an expert IRS tax attorney, right away for a free consultation at (253) 383-0140!

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IRS Back Taxes Help

IRS back taxes help

Are back tax issues causing you to stress out over your financial situation? If you ignore your back taxes, the amount you owe will multiply — fast. Soon, you’ll be dealing with an unmanageable balance that could put you in a precarious financial situation. Fortunately, you can turn to John Sterbick, an expert IRS tax attorney, whenever you need IRS back taxes help. I am an IRS tax attorney who is well-versed in all applicable IRS tax laws and regulations, and I can’t wait to help you solve your tax issues. If you live in Tacoma or the state of Washington, call John Sterbick, an expert IRS tax attorney, for a free consultation at (253) 383-0140 for help with delinquent IRS taxes.

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IRS Tax Audit Help

The Law Office of John Sterbick - IRS Tax Audits

If you’ve just received a notice for an upcoming IRS audit, you may find yourself worrying about what could happen. An audit by the IRS is a serious matter, but it shouldn’t cause you to panic. Take the stress out of dealing with an audit by working with audit defense pros. John Sterbick, an expert…

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