Seattle, Tacoma & Washington State Medical Malpractice Attorney

An injury at the hands of a medical provider can have a life–changing impact. Errors may be made during surgery, at the time of anesthesia, during a birth, in–patient monitoring or at one of many other points of medical care. Many times, when an injury or death occurs, you may have a feeling that a mistake was made but have no hard information to back it up. Medical personnel are trained to not offer any information if they are at fault and in most cases, the only way to find out if someone made an error is to contact a qualified attorney.

The law requires hospitals, doctors and other medical providers to practice at a certain level of care. If they do not follow proper medical procedures, they can be held responsible for committing medical malpractice. Each situation is different and it takes a skilled attorney to sort through medical records and find those which show medical errors. To learn about your rights and find out if you should pursue damages, call John Sterbick at 1-888-838-3529 for a no–charge, no–obligation appointment. All cases are handled on contingency, so you pay nothing unless he wins the case.