Seattle, Tacoma & Washington State Bicycle Accident Attorney

Most bicycle injuries happen when the cyclist collides with a motor vehicle. While bicyclists must follow the same rules as drivers of motor vehicles, drivers are required to exercise caution when bicyclists are present. For instance, the driver should honk his or her horn to let the bicyclist know that a car is close by. Some bicyclists are hit because the driver came too close while passing them. The law requires the driver of the motor vehicle to exercise such caution because when the two collide, it is the bicyclist who is going to be injured, not the driver of the vehicle.

If a driver operates a motor vehicle in a careless manner, they are responsible by law for any injuries suffered by the bicyclist - physically, emotionally, and economically. Even when wearing a helmet, without the protection and safety features of a motor vehicle, bicyclists are much more vulnerable to severe injuries - fractures, broken bones, and even permanent scars resulting from skidding on asphalt pavement.

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